Setting & Reviewing 10-year Goals

One of the first things we do as a lululemon ambassador is to set intentions for the next decade.  10 year goal setting was both new and foreign to me.  I had often made vision boards, set goals and worked towards them.  But to actually work through a full spectrum of the things that are important to me and set goals for the ripe old age of 47 was a challenge.  47 sounded so old.  That’s looking down the barrel of 50.  But I took a moment to look backwards and realized that from 27 to 37 I had done so much, seen so much, been so many places, tried so many new things, of course I would need 10 years to get all of that life experience in.  The goal then, simply, is to keep up that drive, exploration, and desire to see/do/experience it all and life would become appropriately full.  I began to understand that goal setting at this stage is possibly more important than ever; that perhaps the ability to dream and then plan and achieve would be the recipe to stave off a mid-life crisis.  As long as we continue to move forward, we continue to find pride in our life accomplishments, right?

10 years?  10 years!  That’s a long time to get stuff done.  The Betties were merely 1 year old and yet I was asked to dream big, think of what I would like to do with this budding team.  At the time, I wasn’t sure.  Bigger seemed better.  More coaches, more athletes.  I set the arbitrary goal of 100 members in 10 years.  I now see that isn’t really my goal.  Rather, I love to help people achieve their goals and don’t feel good about members who pay but don’t get super involved.  I probably should like those members- after all they require the least amount of work from me, but I feel badly that they didn’t “get” the Betties.  I selfishly want everyone to share in the magic of the team.  

I set a whole bunch of other goals- some of which have already come to fruition (early!) and others that need to be refined, some that seem to be playing out in a different means than I intended and others that just aren’t sticking the way I had hoped.  That’s the best part of goal setting- you have a chance to see what really matters to you when you review the goals a year or so later.  For me, this is a fluid working document and I keep the 6 main goals close to my heart and my intentions.