GG Keeping It Real

I am amazed to find myself comparing my body with Lauren Fleshman.  She's strong, she's thin and she's super fit, she's a real pro.  But let me back up a little.

In Facebook I mentioned that I do core when I have time- which is while I am putting the kids to bed- and I thought the post was funny.  I did not intend to be boastful, but rather hoping to inspire others to do what they can with those hidden pockets of time.  The comments evolved into affirmations of my fitness and "amazing abs".  I was unable to respond because the only thoughts that came to mind were argumentative… "my abs are not that great"… "there is still a lot of work to be done"… "thanks, but…"

The very next day I came across Lauren Fleshman's blog post about how hard she worked to get her body back after having a baby, all in order to walk the catwalk at NY Fashion Week.  She looked great!  Strong, fit, toned, and thin.  But as she admits in her blog post, it was just a moment in time and there are lots of moments where your body is a little less ideal.  She struggled to post photos of her body- her same runway-ready body from the week before- with a less flat belly. 


Yeah, I look alright when I run.  I suck it in on the starting line.  I do my abs and I (accidentally) brag about it on Facebook.  But my body is pouchy, and gets bloated, and there is cellulite.  Yes, there is.  When I am marathon ready (which is just 2 or 3 lbs lighter than me right now) I think it's too thin.  Skinny.  My face is a bit gaunt.  

I wouldn't want to loose a single pound yet I find so much room for improvement.  

So I am going to have a look through my photos and post a real body photo and I'll tag it with Lauren's hashtag: #keepitreal

and a follow up in Runner's World: