Run With Me!

A few years ago my friend and fellow runner, Sara Donohue, told me that I ran a mile of the marathon with her.  I wasn’t even there so I was a little puzzled.  However, this is Sara’s race strategy- pick the people in her life that inspire her and support her and ask them (mentally) to run a mile with her.  Then with each mile she has a running buddy and new inspiration.  I love this idea and totally stole it for the last marathon I ran in California.
I thought I would know who I wanted to run with, but I was surprised where my mind would take me; who would pop up in my mind’s eye with each mile marker.  A few people that inspire me so much will surely be there: 
Meg- aka my personal researcher and advisor on all things medical.  
Lucy- a runner who can do the splits (have you ever?) all because she was determined and set her mind to this goal
Barkley- for reminding me it’s 90% mental ;)
Johanna- a far better runner than myself and daily inspiration to appreciate life and make the best of where you find yourself today.  I wish it wasn’t just my imagination that brought her to Houston, she should be there.
Cori & Angenie- one over-simplifies running and the other over-thinks it.  I love running with you two!
Davida & SpiderTech- thanks for taking care of me this week
Stroller Striders- all of you mamas give it your all, everyday.  I should be out there with you more often.
NYAC’ers- it’s great to be a little fish in a big pond.  I am inspired by my teammates race after race, year after year.
Joan Benoit Samulsen- not because we are friends, but because she was so injured just a short time before the very first OT Marathon and basically rocked it.  Inspiring this week!