Lululemon Ambassadorship

As my ambassadorship with lululemon draw to a close, I find myself reflecting on the last 2 years, the opportunities and experiences, the nudges, pushes, pulls and ultimately the foundation of support to think big, dream bigger, let my mind soar in regards to The Betties and my own personal desires.  I want to share every moment with my community but 2 years- 2 expansive years- is a long time.  Where so I even begin?  Start at the beginning, right?

so.... it went something like this.  I was gently asked if I would ever be interested in exploring ambassadorship with lululemon, but was in an exclusive contract with Brooks and gently declined.  I wanted to be an ambassador, but just couldn’t accept the invitation.  Then my partnership with Brooks took a step down to a non-exclusive coaching sponsorship; I could now work with lululemon as well!  I cautiously approached our store manager and asked if they were still looking for an ambassador and if lululemon would still take me.  

On a dark morning in March, I hustled over to Whole Foods after Betties practice for a breakfast meeting with a team of lululemon staff.  I was wearing whatever came out of my closet which I distinctly remember being not lululemon, and feeling a little self conscious about this fact.  At the time I had about 3 pairs of shorts, a switly T and a jacket.  They were treasured and favored above all of my other running clothes, but this was o’dark-thirty in early spring and none would be sufficient for the 2 hours I stood outdoors before the meeting.  

I walked in to see Candace, a Bettie who had just been at practice and I’d thought needed to hustle home to see her kids.  Then there was V, a friend and a Bettie in her work attire.  Suddenly I realized the WF coffee bar was full of people I knew, all Betties!  Someone looked over and yelled, “Oh, she’s here.... SURPRISE!”   It was my first ever surprise party and they totally got me; I had no clue!!  With that, Em asked me to join their team as an Ambassador and I was thrilled to accept.

Just a week later I met with Jessie and Chelsey for On-Boarding.  This is the meeting where you learn about all of the opportunities available to you as an Ambassador.  I decided right then and there I was going to do it all.  I would win ambassadorship (whatever that means!).  We set a date for a photo shoot (wha??!! this was all new to me) and for a 10-year goal setting session.  I was on board!