Wanderlust Snowmass-Aspen 2016

As I continue to reflect on the lululemon ambassadorship as a whole, the next opportunity that Em made happen for me was to apply as a Wanderlust Festival run leader in Aspen, CO.  She joined me as the assistant run leader and together we led runs through the trails of the Snowmass ski resort.  But before we even headed out to the event, lululemon sent me a care package to make sure I had everything I needed for the week.  Festival clothes, including the coveted lululemon kimono, a modern poloroid camera, local coffee card, and mala beads!  I have always wanted mala beads but it was just never a priority.  Would I ever actually wear them?  Would I be a poser for wearing mala beads when I didn’t even know they have 108 beads for the 108 times one is supposed to chant their mantra or prayer as intention setting before the physical practice of yoga? (*I only just learned that last week at Yogafort festival).  The three gals who took care of the lululemon ambassadors assigned to work the various events and classes at Wanderlust Aspen were the best- thank you Taylor, Grete, and Danielle!

Leading runs was super fun- I loved the people I met and the little running tips I was able to offer.  But to be a part of Wanderlust felt really special.  I felt super cool.  Here I was an “artist” and had the opportunity to rub elbows with other artists- musicians and yogis alike.  Per usual, I burned the candle at both ends- squeezing in my own running workouts and as many yoga classes as my free time allowed- while also leading two runs a day for 4 days straight and trying to take in the music and socials in the evenings.

Once again, lululemon outdid themselves, creating an incredible experience for yogis, artists, ambassadors and others who had made an impression on the lululemon staffers that were attending the festival as well.  For dinner one night, we rode up the side of the mountain in jeeps to collect in a small cabin where we enjoyed dinner, live music, and a presentation from a local high school genius who had some level of expertise on the night sky and astrophysics.  

Most memorable from the evening though was the icebreaker.  As we stood in a circle offering our name, hometown and our favorite yoga position, many of the lesser yogis (such as my once-a-week-yoga-class self) weren’t sure what others were naming.  Matt Giadorno (@theyogimatt) jumped up on a picnic table and began demonstrating each pose.  Though he was in casual wear- ABC pants and a fleece- he was able to do all of the poses, from the most simple to the most challenging.  It was quite the show!

Overall, I left Wanderlust with the desire to go on tour and become a professional festival run leader.  Is that such a thing?  I want to do it with my kids in tow; little yogi dirtbags who rock the festival scene while I work in an environment doing what I love!  Perhaps this is the modern day dead-head with hippy-dippy kids?