Getting Close Now

Wow, it’s getting close to showtime.  One week until we leave, 10 days to the race.  I should probably start packing soon.
As we get close to the race, I’ve seen a number of videos documenting other competitor’s training and workouts.  So inspirational!  I wish I had one of myself to fight off any moment of doubt that creeps up.  I can confidently say that I am in the best shape in a long time; probably in my life.  I feel fit, light and ready to race... except that one thing.  That one ankle thing that has bothered me to various degrees since October.  stupid ankle.  why do you have to flare up now?
That’s one way to look at it- or I can sit back and say, “Hey, lucky me!  I got through the bulk of my training, built up to an incredible fitness level, and now it’s time to taper.”  This might be a little more of a taper than I planned on, but it’s better than missing the 24-miler.  Better to show up 95% prepared than 101% prepared.  I’ll just be well rested in Houston.
Besides, any race is 90% mental.  I believe I am going to run well and that is a lot more than I could say before Boston where I was hoping for some “luck”, if there is such a thing.  I feel strong and I can run.  I’m just being cautious.  Injuries are hard but I know the money is in the bank; I’ll live on the interest this week.