How To Heal A Bone

I don’t know yet if it’s working but this is what I have come up with to make sure my stress fracture heals up quickly and properly.  (This is based on my doc’s recommendations and the ladies at the natural foods co-op.  I am sure you should check with a professional before following my manic potions.)
6am:    1000mg Calcium and 300mg Vit D
8am:     Dissolve 5 homeopathic pills under my tongue
9am:     40 mins on hand cycle and hamstrings, quads and hips on the machines.  Then a full abdominal workout.  I think the workout helps my mood and my blood flow which must help the navicular bone and it’s poor blood flow issues at least a little, right?  Rising waters raise all yachts, anyone?
11am:     Bone, Flesh & Cartilage pills (what is that? eww.  Just kidding, it’s things like slippery elm and walnut bark.  duh)
Noon:     Burn incense that promotes healing and try to channel extra blood flow to the navicular bone.
1pm:     5 more homeopathic pills
3pm:     1000mg calcium and 700 mg Vit D.  Mark off half day on the calendar.  Calculate fraction of time passed.
7pm:     5 more homeopathic pills
9pm:     Visualize my healing foot- skip the incense this time.  The smoke probably                                             isn’t good for me.
9:10:     Sleep tight and get the body for another day of epic healing.

Basically, this is how I get through the day.  There is always something I can do in that moment to work towards a full recovery.  I also have a disney princess sticker that I borrowed from Hendrix that says, “making my own magic” placed right on top of the bone.  I admit, this is all a little over the top but I like to view as I would training for a big race.  Give it my all and come the the doctor’s office knowing that I did everything I could to that point.  No regrets when I toe the line (or the x-ray machine). 
By the way, I am basically done with my first week in the cast.  It was dreadfully long and actually quite fast at the same time.  1 down, 3 to go!