Fractures & Fractions

In case you haven’t heard the news, my foot is officially broken.  A fissure fracture in the navicular bone, which may have happened anytime between Dec 28 and Jan 1.  Running 3 miles wasn’t the worst thing to do at the Trials, but then if I had allowed the doctor to diagnose the problem I would be 2 weeks closer to recovery.  I am glad I went and hung out with my running heros/peers.  It really was great!
Last week, after getting home from Houston and before I received the official diagnosis on my foot, I was swimming a lot.  I could only stand to swim a mile and within that, I had to entertain myself by factoring the fractions of how far I’d swum.  (for example, 3 of the 36 laps I had to swim was 1/12 of the way done).  I found that 72 lengths, though daunting, was easier than 36 laps because I always had a new fraction to think about for each length of the pool. (wow, I am really going on my nerdiness and you are still reading?  awesome!)
My new fractions are all based on 28.  28 days until my cast comes off.  28 days until I find out how my body is healing.  28 days until I can ditch the scooter and get on with my life and my physical rehab.  28 feels like forever and the fraction stays the same all day long.  I needed to increase the number of timeframes I was ticking off (like half days instead of full days).  This gives me a point in the day to look forward to where the fraction would inch up a bit.  3:00pm is my new half-day.
Here at 8:00am, it is only 4/56= 1/14.  But at 3pm, it will be 5/56 which is just over 1/11.  I can’t wait!