Evening Long Runs?

There are so many reasons not to save your long run for the end of the day, but in case you need motivation to get going on Sunday morning- here is my list of reminders to why you should just get out the door:

  1. 1.The sun comes up with you, rather than racing the sun to get all of your trail miles in before it gets dark
  2. 2.Your Garmin watch will be all charged up and ready to go.  Again, not racing the “sunset”, this time of technology.
  3. 3.Less time before you run means less food in your stomach.  yugh.
  4. 4.Your body has time to shake the exhaustion out of your legs before you go to bed. 
  5. 5.Your double the next day will be so much easier
  6. 6.You won’t dread the run all day long
  7. 7.You get to shower earlier 

    All this said, I do have a good excuse for my late run yesterday.  The only reason I ran so late was because: a late run in 40* weather with dry roads totally beats 4* on snow packed slippery roads.  That’s not a typo, it was seriously single digits in Sun Valley.  Yeah, it was worth it.