Bummer Man

“Bummer Man!”  
That’s what we taught Hendrix to say when she is disappointed about something. I have to say, disappointment might be an understatement right now.  I tweaked my extensor hallicus longus tendon (ever heard of it?  I didn’t think so) last week and have been icing like crazy trying to get back.  I thought if I took this week easy and did a good strides workout that Greg would let me run.  But he advised against it and I guess that my logical side agrees.  I thought it would be easy to say, “OK no race.  No big deal” but I am really mourning the opportunity to run well, run rested and take a good chance at a new PR.  
The worst part was telling my guys at Brooks.  They found a comp entry for me (which is SO great since Rock n’Rolls are pretty spendy...  FUN! but spendy) but I wasn’t able to use it.  And it is too late for someone else to use it.  I know, I know, these things happen but I felt like I was one of the big girls for a minute and now it feels like I blew my chance.  Oh well, all the more motivation for running well come January!