So, don't get too excited, but I did a race.  A 5K.  In the week after a serious sharp pain in the arch of my foot, I still decided to toe the line and see if I could run 3 miles with no pain.

That's it.  Just run pain free.  And preferably under 20 mins.

And I did!  19:19- the slowest 5K in years and years, but I did it and I did it pain free!  Just pussy-footing along in my trainers to make sure that every step I took was intentional, deliberately placing each landing and pushing off exactly as the PT would like to see.

Of course, I wasn't really sweating at the finish so I immediately thought that I should have pushed myself, and why didn't I run faster?  But the point is, I wasn't sweating and I accomplished all that I wanted to that day.

It felt great!  I am a lucky gal :)