Quality not Quantity

Here is the quick update...

After a few attempts to bring up my mileage and just ease back into running I've decided on a new approach.  Working with the same coach as this summer, I've begun to focus on quality running (speed work, progression runs) and skip the junk miles.  At this point, I am running 15 miles a week and almost all of it is fast.

The 800m speed came back quickly and those intervals feel great.  The progression runs- and their emphasis on strength- are harder for me and really require discipline and strong mental position.  Before the weather turned, I would actually bike for my warm up and cool down to save miles from my foot.  Now it's just too cold to call that a warm up so I keep the w/u and c/d short as well as the interval rest periods in order to keep the mileage in that target zone.  It's so weird/unfortunate that much over 20 miles seems to make my foot ache for days.  However, I am thrilled for the miles I CAN run and realize that the cross training makes me appreciate the running days even more.

My new love is the Alter-G treadmill (http://www.alterg.com)- the anti-gravity treadmill that allows you to run at a percentage of your bodyweight.  I've been aware and wanting to try for sometime, but I was never injured when I was around one; and once I was injured it was not available through my care providers.  But all of that changed this week- PT has one and I got to try it first.  Now, I want one.  Seriously.  I want it bad.  Does anyone know someone who is the friend of the brother of the dogwalker's mom who knows someone that sponsors injured athletes with Alter-Gs for their very own home?  pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase!?  I'll be your best friend....

Does anyone have experience on the Alter-G incorporated into regular training?  I'm thinking that if I had access, I could do long runs- an important part of my training that I feel the bike is a mediocre substitute  for- and possibly some speed work.  As I re-weighted myself on the treadmill yesterday, I felt so heavy and wonder how much that affects your training? Would love to hear more if anyone has thoughts or experience here.  thanks y'all!