Control What You Can

After looking at the foot situation and my general fitness, I decided to control the things I can control and hope they positively affect the things I can't control.

I am doing private pilates classes with a woman who specializes in post-partum care.  I am feeling stronger through the core and love the personal attention to every grip of the hip flexor, every shift of the hips.  (I am actually really impressed and a bit envious of her wealth of knowledge and am considering pursuing training as an instructor, but that's another day, another post).

I've been in tears at the PT's office and maybe nested a special little place in her heart.  She offered her husband as a "comeback coach" which has been really great.  It's nice to work with a team (PT/Coach) who are in close contact and also just to work with a coach in person.  My last few races were with coaches in far away states with the majority of the correspondence online.  And the PT/Coach team are really into runners, so they get it.  I am working on some hip stability issues that will take the load off my right foot and even out my stride- all good stuff.

I've been biking a lot to keep my cardio level high and my legs strong.  I don't think I'll get the full advantage of the pregnancy blood boost, but I am doing my best given the situation as it is.

My new coach has me in the pool and working hard.  I'm terrible at pushing the pace aqua jogging to this is a good addition to the routine.  

And then there is that Groupon for hot yoga that I need to use up this month so that's more core work and general strength training.

Man, I hope this works...