First race back?

NY Road Runners has offered a generous and incredible Olympic Trials bonus, and I really want to be a part of this opportunity!

If I run 4 NYRR races, participate in the Trials (yes, my run counts), volunteer, and a few other things, I could earn $2,012.  Whoot whoot! The trickiest part is finding 4 races that I can run in before Jan 31, 2013.  We are going to NY in April- just 4 days after my next doctor appt- and there are two races during the time we are there.  Now, I may or may not have a boot on still.  And even then it may not be a good idea to walk 4 miles.  But how else am I going to make sure to get 4 races in in the next year?

I was smart enough to call my doc and ask how bad of an idea this was.  Dr. Nilsson said that he would be "horrendously pissed" if I walked 4 miles without my crutches (eep, I guess he doesn't approve).  hmmm.  Is that even legal?  Crutches are not mechanized so I think NYRR will let me.  Could be a great photo at the finish line.  Maybe I should start training now.  I have some serious tricep work to do.