8 Weeks Now

Today marks 8 weeks since the cast first went on and I have to say it is getting a little old.  What a surprise.  Really though, the hard part is managing my expectations.
At 4 weeks, I thought I was going to be re-casted for at least 2 more weeks; instead I got to go to the soft cast boot.  That day felt like a huge victory and exceeded my expectations.  Today I thought I might get the boot off, but instead I found out that I will be shackled for 4 more weeks.  It was a total blow even though Dr. Nilsson said he had no intention of taking the boot off today.  I didn’t realize that going into the appt, but then I also can’t say why I thought the boot was coming off other than the last appt was full of such great news.  I thought I must be a super healer.
So where are we today?  I am looking to April 18 for my next check up at which time I will get x-rays and general evaluation of healing progress.  I was reminded today that pain is the very best indicator of when I may start running again.
I also learned- from the MRI we took last week- that the bone is healing and healing well.  The center and distal side of the tiny crevasse have begun fusing, but the one side nearest my toes is coming along slower.  It is beginning to make little bridges but not actually fused yet.  All in all, this is good news because the center of the bone receives the least blood (which comes in peripherally) and yet the bone is getting enough new bone growing stuff to heal at the point farthest from the capillaries.  Good, great, but not done yet.  Not even close to running again.  
And THAT is the hardest part of all..  I am so bored, so envious of the runners constantly streaming by our house, so tired of the gym.  It feels like this is all for nothing- this patience, perseverance on cross training, the positive attitude.  I know it’s important but man is it hard. Maintaining strong mental health is way harder than maintaining a strong body.