Real Tips For Injury Rehab

I spent my first few days in the boot getting used to the idea of having a leg again.  
Here are some of the tips I have learned about cross training:
  1. -Go to the pool to aquajog when they are also teaching water aerobics.  You get music and entertainment just for scheduling your workout at the right time, and that helps pass the time.
  2. -Do not go to the pool on the last day of swim lessons or during free swim.  Even though the lane is reserved for you, the big water slide creates a tide that will mess with your stride and the little kids are doing their swim test around you. 
  3. -use the middle strap of your soft cast boot (it will velcro right off) as an extra large foot strap on the stationary bikes.  The good bikes have the clip-in pedals so your boot will keep slipping off if you don’t try this or find another solution.
  4. -take your boot off for abs.  The cast might have been OK but the boot is big and bulky and really heavy.  
  5. -Keep smiling and know that all of those people staring at you are just envious that they don’t have the discipline to come in everyday, even with two legs that work well.
  6. -Lastly, keep your ego in check.  Don’t try to do what you did before you were injured.  Do what feels good now.  Work up to an hour on the bike... and then 90 mins... and then doubles.  You are not the same runner you were before but with a little patience and a lot of discipline you can be a better runner.  Just ask Camille ( ), or Lauren ( or even Amy (  
  7. -know that bones will heal.  Bones come back stronger; it is the tendon and muscle injuries that can nag you forever.  Be patient and let the bone do it’s work- you’ll be better for it.  And on some level you can actually be thankful that it is a bone injury.