Judgement Day

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since my foot was casted (I KNOW, it has been the longest four weeks of my entire freaking life.  You too?).  I have an appointment to get the cast off (yeah!), get x-rays and evaluate healing progress.  I am nervous.
I am nervous because most websites say 6 weeks in a cast for navicular stress fractures.  I am young(ish) and healthy and I have been doing everything (mostly) right (I just can’t give up that one cup of joe in the morning).  But there is always a chance that it needs a few more weeks and I can’t take any chances on this injury.  
It’s just like a race.  You do what you can to prepare.  In the last stretch before the race you start to question the other things you maybe could have/ should have done.  The idea of running terribly in a race would really bum me out, so I don’t let those thoughts in my head.  Similarly, the idea of being in a cast any longer makes me want to cry for the first time in the four weeks it has been on.  But that’s not going to do me any good.  Gotta stay positive.  Get psyched. 
So with a smile on my face I will head on down the the doc and see what’s up.  Fingers crossed....