The Boston Marathon Experience

I am going to set aside the race report for now to share a little something (big something, actually) that I was brought into for marathon weekend.

Lululemon, led by a local Bostonian with visions beyond all imagination, brought together 80 runners for a marathon weekend full of silly goofy fun, marathon vision, and most of all community. Easing logistical stress such as accommodations and race day transpiration, bringing together speakers and presentations on mindfulness and values, and then throwing the most kick ass party where more than one person ended up in the pool- the Lululemon team brought it together, building an instant community within the otherwise overly huge and anonymous race. 

I think the photos tell the story better than I will. Many thanks to  for following us around all weekend and capturing those little details I wouldn't have thought to snap. 

First off, our cooler than thou hotel: 

Yeah, The Verb hotel. Highly recommended!! ✨

And a few shots from our awesome run crew:

Our own bus to the start line!

And then there was the party. It was fun, even if I stayed on deck and didn't participate fully in the dance off!  I mean a little, but not really. 🙃

And here are a few of our amazing hosts who made this magical weekend happen: