As a self supported marathoner in training, pockets are on my mind a lot.... like every week.

Here are the best pockets I've found on the market:

My go-to shorts are Lululemon's What The Sport short.  With pockets on the sides and flush with the fitted short, your snacks and tiny water bottles (2oz or less) are fairly secure.  The empty water bottles
are most likely to their way out of the pockets, but I've never lost a gel packet.  Also, the inseam and fit of the short is basically incredible.  I size up for some of the prints, so it's worth trying on in store.

Then there is the most amazing bra ever: the Stuff Your Bra, also from Lululemon.  The lining is actually sewn in a way that creates 3 distinct pockets!  No more weird chafing from gels or sweaty phones tucked into your bra.  This is much more appropriate anyhow.  See that? the striped part of the bra is distinct from the pink liner- my phone is tucked in the side.  Basically awesome!

Here is the one problem (and it's minor): when stuffed with pointy-cornered gels, the bra may make you look, um, cold.  Especially when worn under a thin tank top.  I don't have photographic evidence of this but I caught a glimpse in a window once and couldn't shake the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation shopping scene from my head.

ok, moving on....

These two garments will hold your marathon essentials, but what about the really important stuff that you just couldn't stand to loose 10 miles out?  I found that I preferred to bring my phone and keys along in the spi-belt.  It stays put, with no flopping as long as it is not overpacked.  Call if a fanny pack if you will, but this thing is awesome.  And I can bring it along without a vest, jacket or worrying about something falling out as I reach for my water bottles.

In Boise, we are lucky enough to have water fountains along the way, so I usually bring one or two small water bottles and refill as needed.  I start with calories in my drink and move to the water/gel combo as the run wears on (but that is for another blog post, another day).

One word of warning; if you have any vanity or insecurity regarding your hips, this may not be the set up for you.  We are talking serious saddlebags when those pockets are fully loaded.  But frankly that's a silly reason, so get over it! :)

Enjoy your long run!