The Stories We Tell Ourselves

"Fake it till you make it": you've got to train like a pro if you want to run with the nation's elite marathoners. I find myself wavering between the "good enough" approach and the most intense training programs (which is why I hired a coach- I need that middle ground!). In running, I will hit the times on the track but then fail to do the strength training that evening... Or any evening. I've done well with the good enough approach, but feeling fit- truly fit- takes that extra effort and makes all the difference late in the race.  

After loosing 3 weeks to a false-alarm injury, I kept up the cross training regimen going
while adding moderate mileage; all coach approved!  I figured I would squeeze 6 weeks of training into just 3 weeks- it's not forever, but it is starting to feel long.  I currently am training 11 cardio sessions a week (4 cardio doubles), plus strength and core. I feel pretty badass but as my husband points out, I am simply training like the elite marathoners I admire. This is a lot for ME though!  It takes a lot of work and energy and rest. It takes time, which I don't think I have a ton of to begin with. To keep myself going at this level- even if it's only for 3 weeks- I employ the help of friends and training partners, asking them for passive accountability.  If I say I am going to do it, hold me to it!

I tell friends who really don't care that I've worked out 5 times in the last 36 hours. I ask others if I look more fit than 10 days ago when I saw them last. I beg training partners to grab me for their afternoon session. Basically, it's obnoxious! I am fully aware of this. But if I tell them I am a hardcore athlete, I might start to believe it. Words are powerful and can motivate a tired athlete to get up and go again. 

So the next time your buddy is boasting about their workouts, let them have a moment. Most of what people tell you is for their benefit anyway. Whether they realize it or not, they are writing their story and this may be the positive reinforcement they need to keep up their efforts. And your smiling response is all they need! 
Crosstraining is fun!!