Nampa's Tutu Run Was Really Quite Fun!

ok, tutus.  I just don't run in a tutu.  I can't wrap my mind around how that would actually work, though I have to admit that it does look kinda cute in the photos.  I think I would be a hot mess with tulle and sweat mixing.

Anyhow, I still signed up for the tutu run because my coach said that it would be a good idea to test the waters 4-5 weeks out from the marathon with a simulator race.  Just a half
marathon at marathon race pace.  easy peesy.

After Bloomsday's disaster, I was pretty nervous to run.  There I had run just over 7 miles at my projected marathon race pace, but it was supposed to be a lot faster.  Now- just two weeks later- I need to run almost twice that and feel comfortable? yikes.  It sounded fine but I really got spooked at Bloomsday and found myself slipping into that too nervous place again.  In fact, I tried to text a friend to say that I was "freaking out" but autocorrect kicked in and my fat thumbs produced "dreaming it".  This was just the thing I needed to lighten my mood and quickly made that my mantra for the day.  Amazing how a little tech error can change everything.  Your attitude is all that you can control, might as well make it a good one.

So, cruising along at 6:07 to 6:15.  Feel good though I am running totally alone.  It takes me a few miles to settle in to that uncomfortable place and find my cruise control.  I continued alone until I started to see the other racers on the double back parts of the course.  All was well until turning after mile 9- hello headwind!  We are talking a lean-into-it headwind and I knew it was several miles back in this direction.  Couple that with the uphills and all of the racers for 5k & 10K that were still on the course (which is a small bike path) and it got really challenging really fast.

I hate to be the agro runner passing, clipping, cutting others off while not sporting the race theme in a tutu.  But as hard as I tried to be polite, I think I was still totally that person.  Sorry folks!  If I had the breath, I would have congratulated you and cheered you on, but I was chasing 6:18 or better and the course was not aiding the effort at all!!

I finished strong and ran well.  I am pretty thrilled to feel good about a race and build that confidence going into Grandma's Marathon.  Thanks to Final Kick for an awesome race!