2015 is Gonna Rock!

Today was a big surprise!  Literally.  I have never had a surprise party, but this morning, at the still-dark hour of 7:15am, I found myself rushing into Whole Foods, thinking I was late for a meeting, only to find a room full of friends and a table full of breakfast foods and flowers!  I was shocked.  It was exactly as I'd imagined a surprise party might be and yet totally, well, a surprise.  

What were we celebrating?  My official invitation to be a Lululemon ambassador!  This had been in the works for some time, and I had often wondered if it was really happening and therefore announcement worthy, or if I was still in the application process.  But today it is official- I begin my 2-year relationship with an awesome company who focuses on community, positivity and self-betterment through exercise.  It feels like the perfect fit!

2015 is the year where I get to have my cake and eat it too.  A saying I have used in the past as I have been super lucky in life and running, but this year brings it to a new level.  Brooks Running, my sponsor since 2008, shared the love in continuing my relationship with a non-exclusive contract meant for coaches, even though I didn't make the cut for their 2015 ID Elite team.  This is totally understandable as I have struggled the last few years.  And while I love the brand and they certainly make the best shoes out there (I don't know what else I would wear), I felt badly claiming product that could help a post-college runner believe in themselves and reach the next level.  The ID coaching relationship is just right for where I am in life and allows me to continue boasting the best shoes on the market.

But if there is ever one brand I "cheated" on Brooks with, it was Lululemon.  I just love their clothes and their philosophy.  I don't even remember how I discovered the brand but their manifesto, printed on their bags, really spoke to me. 

 "Friends are more important than money", 
                       "Dance, sing, floss and travel", 
         "Sweat once a day", 
                                                          "Do one thing a day that scares you", 
                                          "Move your body and your heart will follow". 

These all call to my deepest beliefs and daily practices.  Their stores foster a sense of community with events open to all.  This is something that I have always wanted to be a part of.  Though I love the Brooks running focus and feel their strong presence at national meets, I am super excited to make a difference in Boise, bringing together runners in an isolated running town.  This was my vision with the Boise Betties and I am super excited to continue it with local support from Lululemon and, of course, Bandanna Running!  Between these three supporters, I feel as lucky as any runner can be!

Thank you to all of the women who came out for practice and the party afterwards, the Lululemon ladies I have met and the few I have yet to meet.  And to everyone who believes in my running career.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have so much support doing the thing I love most.

xoxo, gretchen