Last month I started a little business with the help, inspiration or support of nearly every person I've met in the last 2+ years.  I'm so pleased to announce that The Boise Betties- a women's running club based here in Boise, Idaho- is finally live!

When I moved to Idaho, I looked for a club to run with- but not finding anything that totally suited me I decided to stay on with New York Athletic Club as long as they would have me.  It's been a wonderful ride, but even though they haven't kicked me off the team, I am feeling like I need some local ties.  I talked about the idea of a club team with so many women; I even nearly started one with my good friend Cori Mooney back in 2011.  But we both got busy and life got in the way.  The way I remember it, we got hung up on a logo and couldn't move on without that important piece.
Then she started coaching at Boise High (of which she is now head coach for both track and XC programs!  yeah Cori!) and I was busy training for the Trials, then rehabbing my foot, then chasing a new baby.  Like I said, life gets in the way.

But as my youngest got older I began to think about what I might do next.  I love being a mom but I need something to push up against- another project, a job, something.  People I hadn't known in 2011 were encouraging me to start a team.  I would explain that I almost did but we just couldn't decide on a logo, and as I said the words I would cringe.  What a dumb excuse.  If I was going to talk about starting a team, I needed to act.  And in order to act I needed a deadline.  I decided that if the new year came and went and I didn't do anything about the Betties then I would just let it go, once and for all.

So I began getting my ducks in a row.  I felt like I was reinventing the wheel, even though many USATF teams were formed everyday.  I recruited support, found sponsors, talked endlessly with my husband about schedules, training programs, pricing, etc.  He was an incredible sounding board and helped me organize my ideas.

Now I am ready and we have a launch date set for the initial recruiting party.  I was nervous that no one would show up, so start telling all of my friends to come.  I promise raffle prizes and food and drinks.  I have no idea what to expect!  But the store fills with women.  More than 20 women come out to learn more about the team.  4 women sign up that night.  Another 2 follow shortly after!

Practice begins and interest continues to build.  Though we are small, the women seem to be having a good time and enjoy each other's company.  After 6 weeks we are ready for the team's big debut: Robie Creek- a bucket list race here in Boise that claims to be the toughest half marathon in the west.  Everyone in town is excited about the race and Channel 7 news finds our runner- Samia- to interview about her race expectations.  Only she spends the majority of the time talking about the Boise Betties (!) and the news reel reflects that enthusiasm.  It was a great boost for the team, to say the least!

But for me, the best part of Robie Creek wasn't the press or the incredibly cute singlets, it was the team camaraderie that came through in the tough race.  With one woman finishing 4th and another working to break 3 hours, our runners represented the full spectrum of racing that day.  Every one of my gals met their goals and every one stayed to cheer on the next teammate across the finish line.  Four women that probably wouldn't have found each other just 6 weeks before, were now a team.  They were invested in one another's races and lives and they wanted to see each Bettie finish strong.  This still gives me goose-bumps!  Forming a team is so much more than collecting fast runners and to have this result so early in the formation of the running club was the real dream.

The Boise Betties continue to grow.  I enjoy meeting new women, running longer and faster, creating new workouts and helping each person meet their goal.  It truly is the most rewarding, fun, perfect job I could ever imagine.  Just as Johanna- my muse and inspiration- told us all to do, I chose a dream and set forth to make it happen.  Thanks for the push, Joha.