Team Joha Wins Hood To Coast!

Man, I am so happy for my team!  Another year I will actually get to run but this is the next best thing.  To see my besties running fast and furious to the coast in the memory of an amazing runner and friend. What a year to win the women's race!

The best part: Angenie, our team captain, gave a quick speech as she accepted the award and received a standing ovation.  That's right, both people (no, it was more like 100+) that showed up to the awards ceremony the day after the race were on their feet to applaud her and the team's effort.  I just have to say, that's pretty freaking cool.  Ang is pretty cool like that.  Best friend and running inspiration you could find.

Congrats ladies.  You all inspire me to do my best, run harder, faster, longer, happier and get back in it for next year.