I am so proud to report that Brooks Running has renewed sponsorship for the 5th straight year!  While this is a great ego boost, and a huge help to the bottom line in a sport that generally doesn't pay, renewal is a huge confidence booster. As I filled out my application, I crossed my fingers in hopes of just not being entirely dropped . With nothing to show for the year, I didn't know if the belief in my talent and desire would be strong enough to carry me another year. To give me just one more chance.

It's not just the shoes, it's the focus on running that I love about Brooks.  It's the way the staff remembers you, really knows you; and its the attitude of the company- the focus on fun, good times, Running Happy.  I have a strong desire to run for Brooks, not just somebody who helps me out with shoes and gear.

It turns out they do believe in me!  And I believe in myself again. It's not time to retire; it's time to channel my inner athlete and put the memory of this injury to rest.  And with that in mind, I run a little taller, a little prouder and a little happier than I have in months!  Thank you Brooks!  You really are the best!