Well, it happened.  I am cheating on my running career with another individual, endurance sport and it isn't just for cross training.  It's true, I am becoming a cyclist.

How does it happen?  I wonder this myself.  I have long been down on the extremely intense and narrowly focused population of individuals I've met that identify with the cycling world.  Power... Lactic Acid Threshold.... Calories... Cadence... MPH... etc...etc....   Not to say that runners aren't focused and intense- they are!- but it feels a little more balanced and most runners still enjoy getting out for a run.  Cyclists always seem too intense to enjoy the experience.  Perhaps I was wrong?

I misspoke recently, telling Bryan I was getting into bikling (biking + cycling) and without missing a beat he called me a cyker.  yep, I'm a cyker not a true cyclist.

Even with this important distinction, I have to admit that I am becoming one of them.  I bought an outfit (apparently also known as a cycling kit) and it's loud, obnoxious and distracting.  I entered a race with over 500 people (they say it's a tour, but the cyclists tell me that cat 1/2/3 like to race it).  And I know what a cat 1/2/3 rider is, and where I want to be.  That's right, I want to be catagorized!  eep!

So, here goes nothing.  4 Summit Challenge, here I come!