Continued Healing

I'm thrilled to report that the boot came off today!  BUT a new one went on.   It is a better fit and a fancier model, but still a shackle at the end of the day.  However, the really good news is that I was not set back into a hard cast and ordered off my feet for the next 4 weeks. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

After a few tests, the doctor gave me the verdict and asked me to stay in the boot a few weeks longer; but mentioned as a side that if the bone were still aching as much as it did last month, that he was ready to recast me.  Just the threat of a hard cast resets my perspective.  If biking and swimming seem awful, just remember that it could be worse.  Handcrank or nothing at all?!?  yuck.

For now, I need to continue focusing on my healing.  This will get better and missing a day or two at the gym is not terrible- it allows the body to channel that unused energy to the healing process.  This is what I have to repeat to myself several times a day when phrases like "lazy", "broken", and "why bother?" start to creep into the psyche.  Some stress fractures are worse than others and, just by the nature of location, this one is a doozy.  Patience and Positive Self Talk (PST) is the key for me.