Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, LA2016 (also known as the Olympic Trials Marathon). We've been off and on again for awhile, but things seemed good this year. After a long break, we really connected last June at Grandma's Marathon. But then we had a big fight last December at Cal International, and figured it was really over. It was ok, I was at peace with the whole thing. 

But he softened up and I thought I had a chance again. We worked
hard, enjoyed a month of unbeatable dates and flirting with our future plans. Just when I thought he'd propose, the jerk dumped me!  How rude. This is not what I'd planned for, this is not the way things were supposed to go. 

Worst of all, LA2016 is still friends with all of my friends. He shows up endlessly in my FB newsfeed and Instagram is full of friends getting ready for his big party- on Valentine's Day weekend!!! All I want is some peace in this lonely holiday; and yet the details just keep coming.  I think about crashing the party, but really- what's the point?  It just wouldn't be the same, now that we're over. 

On a brighter note, I do have to report that I had a nice rebound date this weekend. Skate Skiing and I have always been friends; or perhaps it's friends with benefits ;)  Though I don't love SkateSkiing, we do have fun and the relationship is oddly satisfying. I found myself giddy out there last weekend, whereas hanging out with SkateSkiing is normally much less exciting. We'll probably keep dating on the side, as long as he's in town.  

So, LA2016, you may have broken my heart but there is still a lot of fun and good times to be had, both on and off the track. Have fun at your party, I'm moving on. 

Xoxo, gg 

Ps. Tell me a little bit about your younger brother Tokyo2020. I'm totally into younger men and I hear the cougars are getting faster every year.