Beer Mile, maybe?

So, as the beer mile championships approach, and I realize that I am fit and ready to race, I kind of want to run again.

I want to try my hand at the race, conquering the distance.  Unlike last time….

USATF would take an 800 qualifying time for a 1500m run so I think it's totally legit to bring me on.  Besides, the women's field is pretty light right now.

3:38 for 2 beers, 2 laps and all that following a first attempt with 2 beers and one lap in just 90 sec.  I should mention that both attempts took place in about 20 mins.  My distended stomach says as much!

What do you say FloTrack?  take a chance on some gal from Boise?  I would go run and film it again, but the track is covered in snow and I doubt you would want a treadmill video ;0

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