So, Dr. Nilsson saw me last week and agreed that all signs point to tendonitis and not to worry.  But maybe we should do an MRI to be sure since we never actually saw that it was all healed up last year (when I got pregnant, I refused an MRI).  Hint hint nudge nudge.

Alright, MRI it is!  No worries.  Just a routine procedure.

Results came back a little less positive.  There is the slightest shadow on the MRI which means that my bone is swelling at the fracture sight again.  In other words, the fracture healed but is now becoming stressed again.  This is not that bad of a diagnosis because it's so early and will go away with a little rest.  What kills me is that I have not been running all that much!  This is not an overuse injury.  There is no way the few miles I have run could contribute to overuse.

So what?  what is it?  how will I ever get better?  And how will I ever be able to differentiate tendonitis from stress reaction?  I can't just pop in for an MRI every other week and the two ailments feel exactly the same.  Jeez.

I don't know the next steps and I am still processing this diagnosis.  I am feeling just a little shell shocked.